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Exquisite's Sale Units are Back and Better 16-32" Available On Sale are our oh so popular 200% Density HD & These wigs are super super full, thick and the lace melts so effortlessly on all skin types.Comes with a free bundle for added fullness. Which makes the wig 250%+ Density.

They come with HD lace, a black breathable cap as well as combs and bands for a snug fit. These units are made to last, the frontal can be replaced. HD lace to melt into the skin.


Models wig is dyed jet black & cut into layers+ styled.These wigs are super super full, thick and the lace melts so effortlessly on all skin types.

13x6 HD Frontal Wig Sale+ Free Bundle

$650.00 Regular Price
$475.00Sale Price
  • Ladies please keep in mind and understand when purchasing lace they are expensive, fragile and they shed. It's unavoidable? They shed, they are hand wefted. It is normal it should be expected. 

    It's no way around it ! Anything LACE SHEDS ! It is no way around it. They ALL DO ! Lace wigs, Lace Closure’s, Lace Frontals ! ANYTHING LACE SHEDS! 


    They are expensive for a reason, they are fragile, they are to be treated as such ! 


    Experienced lace wearers KNOW THIS !


     It isn’t frowned upon, it isn’t uncommon. 


    ITS HIGHLY COMMON IN THE WORLD OF LACE !  That’s just the price we pay for LACE ! 

    Yes it’s beautiful and it’s worth the money for the beauty but it’s a lifestyle! 



    There are ways to prolong the shedding, not get as much. This includes buying Top Knot Lace Sealer, not scratching your lace, not bleaching your lace, combing the hair gently... but all in ALL it will shed eventually! 


    You agree to these terms when you purchase lace.

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