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Exquisite Hair Junkies provides you with the best hair on the market. In doing so we would like to help you in making your purchase as easy and simple as possible. 



Virgin Hair:

Virgin hair is hair that has never been processed or treated with ANY kind of chemicals. The hair is in its natural state. You can bleach, dye and process Virgin hair just as you would your own.




It's the most versatile, very low on maintenance and the absolute hi[removed]ghest grade of virgin hair on the market. The hair is very fine, silky and sleek and offers a very nice shine. Indian hair carries the highest luster. It's naturally bouncy, soft, thick and beautiful. It can easily be curled and styled. Indian hair moves effortlessly with minimal products. It also blends well with most hair textures.



Malaysian Hair is the best well-kept secret. It’s a high grade like the indian. It’s not as popular as it should be being that the Malaysian hair is absolutely beautiful. Malaysian hair has an extremely luxurious feel and is sleek with the right amount of shine. Its luster is low to medium-similar to Brazilian hair. The Malaysian hair texture is thin but full of body and abundance of soft tangle free hair. It also comes in natural brown 1b color.This hair blends very well with most hair types including African American. This hair is amazing-you will love it!



Peruvian Hair is the ultimate multi-purpose hair!. This hair is coarser in texture than Indian or Brazilian hair and its luster is low to medium. It blends very well with African-American hair textures. Peruvian hair is very soft, not as shiny but it catches your eye because of its unique color and its abundantly thick or coarse texture. This hair is Luxurious and is definitely becoming  a customer favorite. The grade is not as high as the Malaysian and Indian but a higher grade than the Brazilian.



Brazilian Hair is the most popular texture out right now. This hair is so popular because of its softness, durability and density (thickness). This texture is easiest to blend with all ethnicities. Brazilian hair is extremely luxurious and very soft with a lot of body and natural shine. Its luster is low to medium. It’s the lowest grade but it’s the thickest texture, abundantly thick bundles.


Last but not least

Some bundles may have lighter ends. No two bundles of Virgin hair are alike. Since the hair is Virgin, each bundle will have a different texture, pattern and hair color than what you may have seen in photos or elsewhere. We will strive to send you hair that matches as closely as possible. All hair will last you 6 months to a year with the proper care.




Knowing how to care for your hair will make your experience that much more awesome. Protecting your investment with the proper hair care is fairly easy and will keep you looking like that Exquisite Diva that you are.





Washing and Conditioning your Exquisite Hair

Virtually any good moisturizing shampoo or conditioner will suffice when trying to moisturize your hair. There’s no need to use expensive or salon grade products on your hair once you've found a good quality drugstore brand that works for you and your hair extensions type or texture. As long as your hair gets continuous moisture, you choose the right styling products, and you keep your hair clean, it will look and feel great! When your hair starts to get dry, tangle, look dull or even shed more than normal, this means there is a buildup of product and/or your hair is very dry needing moisture and a deep condition. Condition your hair at least once per week but the more you do this, the more soft, healthy and manageable your hair will become. Avoid using shampoo too often, especially if your hair is dry unless it’s necessary. Shampoo has a tendency to be drying-especially with curlier textures.


In addition to continuous moisture, a quality styling serum should be a staple used to calm your hair, prevent frizz, seal in your hairs moisture, and add shine. The best serum to use on Exquisite Hair Junkies hair is Biosilk the silk therapy. Whether you wear straight, curly or wavy.


When applying heat to your hair, always use a quality heat protectant Biosilk also serves as a heat protector. As your own hair; your extensions will become damaged by excessive heat. If your hair becomes heat damaged, it will lose its natural curl/wave pattern, and/or have many damaged dry or brittle ends. Heat damage cannot be reversed. Coarser textures are more prone to heat damage and dryness. Try to use flexi rods if you want to preserve your investment.


To wash and condition your hair, these products are fabulous and known to keep Exquisite Hair Junkies hair longl lasting, beautiful and alluring:


Crème of Nature Detangling Conditioning Shampoo

Crème of Nature Nourishing Conditioner for Dehydrated Hair

Biosilk Conditioner 

Biosilk Shampoo

Suave Professionals Sleek Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner

One n Only Brazilian Tech KERATIN Shampoo 

One n Only Brazilian Tech KERATIN Conditioner        

One n Only Brazilian Tech KERATIN Leave in Conditioner


Styling Natural Wave, Curly and Deep Curly Textures

When styling your curls, keeping them hydrated and combed through and combed out will really help. They are activated simply by water alone, but they need moisture. Get a spray bottle and fill it up with water. Spray your hair til its damp, add Biosilk or A NON OIL BASED Leave in conditioner to your hair while its damp. Make sure you moisture from the end to the top and also make sure you brush starting at the ends and move up to the top. You can apply this to your hair every morning or you can simply co-wash it while showering. If you choose to wear your curls dry, they will still look great; but for an extra curly look and to help detangle, your hair will need to be wet first to activate your curls. Always brush your hair with a wig brush, starting from the bottom and working your way up to prevent tangling and excessive shedding. It’s very important to keep your curly hair moisturized by conditioning and moisturizing with Biosilk very often, as often as daily.

Virgin hair (especially curly hair) is very high maintenance. If you aren't willing to maintain your hairs moisture and cleanliness or taking the time to find a good regimen don't purchse curly hair.  You may want to consider another texture. Curly hair is definitely for advanced-intermediate Virgin hair wearers and extremely different than caring for hair from your local Beauty Supply Store.



For styling these products are wonderful:



Biosilk Silk Therapy

One n Only Brazilian Tech KERATIN Leave in Conditioner

Creme of Nature Leave In Conditioner

[Non Oil Based products.]

Heat Protecant sprays are very essential in nuturuing and caring for your tresses.




Tangling or Matting


If your hair is tangling it means its DRY or has product buildup. If all of your hair is dry, then deep condition your hair with Creme of Nature Nourishing Conditioner and allow it to sit on the hair for at least an hour.  If your hair responds well to a deep condition and stops tangling, then continue to deep condition as often as your hair needs it. If your hair does not respond well to a deep condition, you will need to shampoo with the Detangling Shampoo and Conditioner and then deep condition it with the Creme of Nature Nourishing Conditioner.  If your hair tangles It doesn’t mean your bundle is "bad". It means that you will need to find a regimen that agrees with that bundle until they all cooperate harmoniously. If your hair has product buildup, wash your hair with a clarifying or sulfate free shampoo and recondition your hair as normal. 




With Curly, Deep Curly and Natural it is best to ALWAYS COWASH BEFORE INSTALLING THE HAIR and applying biosilk to the hair as it is wet and allow it to air dry. Biosilk can be used on the hair every morning as it is a hair reconstructor. It helps make sure that your hair is healthy, shiny, not dry and tangle free ALL DAY !! One bottle lasts for a couple of months. 

ATTENTION JUNKIES!!! Online orders can not be picked up in stores!!!

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