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Our Exquisite U-Part Units has 7-8 clips/combs that allows the unit to fit perfectly. The versatile u-shaped part at the top of the unit allows you to easily adjust how wide or narrow your leave-out is, helping you achieve a multitude of styles. Offered in two sizes and lengths, the Exquisite Hair Junkies U-Part is the perfect choice for the woman on the go.

****Model has her wig sewn down, no clips no band***

U-Part Wig

  • The Majority of our wigs are one size fits all. Due to using a 22 in diameter head. (Most ppl's head size) We aslo put an elastuc band in all of our units for added security.


    We use a light weight breathable cap that allows your hair to breath and make your wig undetectable.


    In order to get the most accurate dimensions, measurements should be taken with your natural hair either braided or in a flat wrap. The presence of an existing install will give inaccurate results.


    If you don't want to upload your measurements specify if you have a big head, small head or medium(regular sized head)



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