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13x4 Frontals Transparent and More


The 13x4 Frontals are available in  14-22"  are designed to give you a natural looking hair line and part w/o having to leave your natural hair or or adding any excessive heat, glue or any other damaging products to your real hair. 


HD Lace is designed to give you an undetectable look. The lace is thin, so it melts into most skin types and which is why its highly sought after and hard to get. Welcome to the Upper Echelon of Lace.


Transparent Lace is the lightest color lace available. You can tint this lace to match your desired skin color. This lace is more durable than HD Lace, it is a still thin and can still blend into any and all skin types if properly installed. (Highly recommended for our pale skin and light skin Junkies)


Swiss Lace Medium Brown is the regular lace that has been around for centuries. They do have HD qualities and will blend into the skin. It has a medium brown tint to it and is highly recommended as a perfect match for my medium brown and coco skinned Junkies. 

13x4 Frontals Transparent and More

$195.00 Regular Price
$100.00Sale Price