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Available in 16-40 inches, the exotica texture offers a nice distinctive, alluring wave pattern that offers much versatility. A ravishing wave that will have everyone take a double take and awe over your luxurious hair. Formerly known as the deep wave, but that name just didn't give this texture any justice. This texture can be curled, straightened , roller set, wanded and returned to its natural wave pattern by simply washing or wetting the hair.

Brazilian Exotica (Tropical Wave)

SKU: 0002
  • Curly Hair is a high maintenance texture. They must be cared for properly.


    • When styling your curls, keeping them hydrated and combed through and combed out will really help. They are activated simply by water alone, but they need moisture.
    • In addition to continuous moisture, a quality styling serum should be a staple used to calm your hair, prevent frizz, seal in your hairs moisture, and add shine. The best serum to use on Exquisite Hair Junkies hair is Biosilk the silk therapy. Whether you wear straight, curly or wavy. 
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