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The Lace Frontals are available in 14-28" 13*6  are designed to give you a natural looking hair line and part w/o having to leave your natural hair or or adding any excessive heat, glue or any other damaging products to your real hair. 13X6 means your frontal piece is 13"  across your forehead/hair line and 6 inches back for your part. Giving you a longer part, more versatility and a more natural look.


HD Lace is designed to give you an undetectable look. The lace is thin, so it melts into most skin types and which is why its highly sought after and hard to get. Welcome to the Upper Echelon of Lace. This is strictly the frontal piece. Bundles will need to be purchased separately.


12-22" Frontals are always in stock.

24-28" will need additional days due to being custom made.

HD 13X6 Frontal