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Junkies.... Our newest addiction is HERE...Exquisite Tape Ins.

Tape-ins are a semi-permanent installation method made with medical grade adhesive that will allow users to add instant volume and length without tracks or braids. Let's give our edges a break from the frontals and wigs and let your hair and scalp breathe with Tape Ins. Super easy to apply and remove, they don't damage your hair, and they leave zero residue!! Tape-in extensions must be applied and removed by a trained licensed cosmetologist and can last between 8-10 weeks with proper care.  

The price shown is for one pack only (A total of 20 tapes)

3 Packs are recommended for a natural look (A total of 60 tapes)

4 Pack are recommended for a full look (A total of 80 tapes)

5 and up are a super super full look 


Model is wearing 7 packs of Kinky Body Wave 26"

Raw Tape Ins

  • Tape Ins are reusable.

    Avoid washing or applying any oils or product to your hair within the first 72 hours after your installation. 

    Have a professional install and remove tape ins.

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